Sky Trucker Album is Cleared for Takeoff!

Not sold or available anywhere else!

“Sky Trucker” is the first ever collection of songs written and recorded by a professional aviator.  With over 30 years and more than 15,000 hours of aviating the globe, Big City Brian Wright takes you on a musical journey high above the clouds, singing ballads of missing those on the ground and blasting anthems embodying the liberating freedom of flight.  “Sky Trucker” is a compilation of original songs written by Brian while flying seven miles above the ground cruising near the speed of sound.  

“I always loved those old 60s and 70s trucker songs by guys like Dave Dudley, Red Simpson, Red Sovine & even Merle Haggard had a few. You felt like you were riding in the big rig in the middle of the night with those guys. What those truckers do and what I do flying cargo around the planet is very similar. I wanted to bring some of that to people in my music. I’m a songwriter who writes by real life experience and feel. I don’t make this shit up. So, when you spend a third of your time in the air, it’s gonna get reflected in my music.”

Recorded live with a traditional country setup of fiddle and steel guitar, the album is mixed with some classic, traveler-themed covers from some of his heroes.  Sonically, “Sky Trucker” is sure to take you where you have never been before.


My name is Brian Wright, and I love to keep country music REAL. Have you gotten your free songs yet? If not, there's no time like the present. Get yours now!

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