Brian Wright

Sky Trucker Album is Cleared for Takeoff!

By Brian Wright / December 3, 2023 /

Not sold or available anywhere else! “Sky Trucker” is the first ever collection of songs written and recorded by a professional aviator.  With over 30 years and more than 15,000…

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“They’re ALL Drinkin’ Songs” Album is a slow release

By Brian Wright / October 11, 2020 /

Two years ago, when seeking songs to record for my second album, I polled my fans and asked, “What types of songs are your favorites?” The overwhelming response was “drinking…

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Blessings in Disguise

By Brian Wright / April 25, 2020 /

Pardon my silence. As many of you are probably dealing with life’s new circumstances, we are also adapting here at the Wright House.  We run a pretty busy operation between…

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Help Me Help You

By Brian Wright / January 2, 2020 /

XSLIFT is an idea I created a few years ago to organize an effort to extend a hand wherever I saw fit.  It was to become a way to “Lift” those in…

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Hometown Hoedown

By Brian Wright / July 26, 2019 /

The last time I was on this stage, I was a toy soldier in the “Nutcracker.” Great to see my hometown people and really appreciated the night.

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If The World Was a Flight Deck

By Brian Wright / April 19, 2017 /

As a modern airline pilot, I am thankful to be able to communicate within seconds with my loved ones and friends when I am thousands of miles away.  It’s much…

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