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Autographed Copy "They're ALL Drinkin' Songs" CD by Big City Brian Wright


In 2018, I was itching to start my second album. I asked my fans what kinds of songs they wanted me to record. The overwhelming response was “drinkin’ songs.” In my own somewhat sarcastic fashion and characteristic nature to always overdeliver, I thought “You want drinkin’ songs? I’ll make a whole damn album of drinkin’ songs! Hell, I like ‘em too.” I pulled a few from the old notebooks and wrote a few more to give you The First Round of drinkin’ songs. I had no idea when I started this project that it would end up being released in 2020 during a pandemic. 2020 NEEDS more drinking songs.

As always, these are real songs about real life. I can’t make this stuff up. Listen responsibly.