Help Me Help You

XSLIFT is an idea I created a few years ago to organize an effort to extend a hand wherever I saw fit.  It was to become a way to “Lift” those in need.  In aviation, “excess lift” is that which is more than needed to keep the airplane flying.  That additional lift (which is really speed) can be used to gain altitude if a pilot desires.  I thought one day, when Big City Records was turning a profit, that would be my intent.  Well, we’re not exactly there yet.  The music making biz is a long-term play, exacerbated by a very dynamic industry where the target and playbook is ever changing.  But, rather than sit on my laurels waiting on the Brinks Truck, I have decided to include in my plan (in addition to the thousands of dollars that have been put to good over the last 3 years) a contributing effort to something besides just making entertainment.  I think leaving a mark is more than making history, one should actually leave a positive impression on someone that will hopefully also do the same one day.  More good is, good-er, right? 🙂

  The good will be happening everyday.  Every time you stream my music, buy music/merchandise, watch a YouTube video, or support me and my music through site Big City Brian Wright, you will not only receive whatever it is you purchased from me, you will be making good things happen.  I’ll share those stories with you along the way so you can see your contribution (I should’ve been sharing those stories in the past and including you and for that I apologize.  It’s tough to talk about doing something good and not feel like you’re bragging).

   Our most valuable assets are our time and our money.  Both are really hard to part with and everyone’s situation is different.  Most folks have more of one or the other, some have alot of one.  Not many have alot of both.  I’m trying my best to use both for good stuff.  I’ll do the hard work organizing and offer you some enjoyment along the way, if you’ll help me do some of the “lifting.”   Deal?



My name is Brian Wright, and I love to keep country music REAL. Have you gotten your free songs yet? If not, there's no time like the present. Get yours now!

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